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Wear, taste & smell.
Inspired by culture, crafted by passion.

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What is Mind Rite?

Wear taste and smell. Inspired by culture, crafted by passion.

Mind Rite is a lifestyle and streetwear brand focusing on bringing lifestyle essentials to the table. Focused on quality, coziness, and staying real to the culture, we came from.

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The mind is the centre of our universe. The rite is the ceremony. The cultural celebration of having the mindset allowing us to understand more layers of life, the celebration that makes our mind right.

We chose those words to represent both the secular and spiritual world,  meditation  & raw festivity, city, and nature.

Duality is wellbeing, wellbeing is a new luxury. 

Spunkey BKP / Founder of Mind Rite

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Based in Bratislava, 82108 Slovakia

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